Ronaldo scores big with Porsche present

Cristiano Ronaldo, capping off an impressive year as the world’s leading scorer with Al-Nassr, displayed his devotion to family by celebrating his mother Maria Dolores’s 69th birthday on his home island of Madeira.

While he may have fallen short of clinching a trophy with his Saudi Pro League team, Ronaldo’s return to Madeira for the New Year brought about a heartwarming celebration.

The football icon, known for his grand gestures, left his mother overwhelmed with joy by gifting her a brand-new Porsche Cayenne.

In a touching moment captured on social media by Ronaldo’s sister, Katia Aveiro, Dolores was visibly moved to tears as Cristiano Jr. presented her with the keys to the luxurious vehicle.

Beyond the opulence of the gift, Katia emphasized the sentimental value, stating, “If she is happy, it is because her son remembers her and not because of the value of the gift. Honour your father and your mother, and your days on earth will be long.”

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