15 matches, end of the road at Birmingham for Rooney

Birmingham City’s decision to part ways with Wayne Rooney comes as a surprising turn of events, marking the end of his managerial tenure after just 15 games in charge.

Initially appointed in October with the team positioned sixth in the Championship, Rooney faced challenges in steering the club, witnessing nine losses in the subsequent 15 matches, ultimately leaving Birmingham City in the 20th spot in the Championship table.

In the aftermath of his dismissal, Rooney expressed gratitude to Tom Wagner, Tom Brady, and Garry Cook for the managerial opportunity and their support during his brief stint with the club.

In his statement, Rooney acknowledged the results-driven nature of football, recognizing that the team’s performance fell short of expectations.

However, he emphasized the need for time to implement the necessary changes, citing the limited 13-week timeframe.

Despite the setback, Rooney remains resolute, noting his extensive history in professional football and expressing a commitment to regrouping with his family before embracing the next managerial chapter in his journey.

The former player-manager concluded by extending his best wishes to Birmingham City FC and its owners in their pursuit of ambitions, signifying a gracious departure despite the challenges faced during his tenure.

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