Game night diplomacy: Uhuru Kenyatta’s NBA encounter

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta recently found himself in unexpected company during the NBA playoffs in the United States.

Sporting a casual ensemble of a green baseball cap and a black puffy jacket, Kenyatta shared a moment of camaraderie with Eddie Ndichu, the founder of Wapi Pay, amidst the exhilarating atmosphere of the TD Garden arena in Boston.

In a snapshot captured by onlookers, Kenyatta’s infectious grin reflects the shared enjoyment of the game as he engages in conversation with Ndichu, who proudly displays his allegiance to the Boston Celtics with a brown college jacket adorned with the team’s logo.

Ndichu’s excitement spilled over onto social media, where he shared the encounter on his Instagram stories, captioning it with enthusiasm, “Fancy meeting at the playoffs!”

While Kenyatta’s team preference remains undisclosed, his passion for basketball is no secret.

This rendezvous during the playoffs adds another chapter to his basketball adventures, following his memorable meeting with NBA legend Dirk Nowitzki in Nairobi back in 2020.

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