Blue’s blow: Enzo Fernandez sidelined, surgery unveiled

Chelsea midfielder Enzo Fernandez has taken a proactive step towards reclaiming his top form by undergoing surgery for an inguinal hernia, a move aimed at ensuring his readiness for the upcoming Copa America with Argentina.

The decision comes after Fernandez, who has valiantly battled through discomfort in recent matches, saw his performance levels dip notably, notably in the wake of Chelsea’s disheartening 5-0 loss to Arsenal.

With his season now concluded, Fernandez faces a period of recovery estimated at around three weeks, followed by the arduous task of rebuilding his fitness.

Despite the setback, Chelsea remains hopeful that his return will mark a resurgence in his abilities, ultimately proving beneficial for the team.

Mauricio Pochettino, in a show of support for Fernandez, highlighted the numerous challenges the midfielder faced upon his arrival at Chelsea, emphasizing the significance of adaptation and the absence of a proper rest period.

Fernandez himself acknowledged the struggle to replicate the stellar performances that earned him his hefty transfer fee from Benfica in 2023.

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