Did Rashford’s close members’ deaths contribute to his dipped form?

Melanie Maynard, the mother of Manchester United star Marcus Rashford, has shed light on the challenges her son has faced recently, including the loss of two significant individuals in his life.

Despite enjoying a stellar season last year with 30 goals and a new contract, Rashford has encountered a dip in form this season, compounded by off-field scrutiny after a clubbing incident in Belfast.

Maynard highlighted the impact of these losses, particularly the death of his cousin Nathan and family friend Garf, which deeply affected Rashford.

She emphasized his strong bond with Manchester United, describing him as someone who has always dreamed of playing professionally for the club.

Maynard praised Rashford’s unwavering belief in hard work and determination, traits that have guided him through challenges.

Despite the setbacks, Maynard expressed confidence in Rashford’s resilience and commitment, noting that he is in a good place and will continue to excel.

She also cautioned about being wary of people’s intentions, highlighting the importance of surrounding oneself with genuine support.

With recent positive developments, including a notable win against Liverpool and an England call-up, Maynard believes that things are looking bright for Rashford once again.

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