Dani Alves granted conditional release in rape case

Footballer Dani Alves is set to leave prison after being granted conditional release pending appeal of his rape conviction.

The 40-year-old will serve his four-and-a-half-year sentence from home, following a successful court hearing. Alves expressed his commitment to justice, stating, “I am not going to flee.”

The decision allows Alves to leave Brians 2 Prison near Barcelona upon payment of a €1 million bail bond and surrender of his passports.

He must also regularly sign in at court. Alves’ lawyer confirmed his willingness to comply with these conditions.

The release conditions include a ban on leaving Spain, weekly court sign-ins, and a 1,000-meter restriction from the victim’s home and workplace. Alves is prohibited from contacting the victim until the appeals process is complete.

Despite a dissenting opinion from Judge Luis Belesta, who cited flight risk, the majority decision favored Alves’ conditional release.

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