Bellingham’s Dutch darling takes Madrid by storm

Real Madrid’s rising star Jude Bellingham seems to be enjoying both on and off-field successes, with reports swirling about his blossoming romance with Dutch model Laura Celia Valk.

Amid his stellar performance on the pitch, where he’s been instrumental in Real Madrid’s pursuit of league and Champions League glory, Bellingham’s personal life seems to be thriving as well.

The 20-year-old midfielder, who has been a standout since his move from Borussia Dortmund, has reportedly been smitten with Valk.

While they’ve attempted to keep their relationship low-key, Valk may have inadvertently spilled the beans during a photo shoot, hinting at their romance.

Valk, an influencer with a substantial Instagram following, has been spotted with Bellingham at various outings, including a dinner at The Madrid EDITION hotel.

Beyond her modeling career, Valk also runs her social media consultancy agency.

Bellingham, although yet to comment on their relationship, has been effusive about his life in Spain, relishing every aspect, from the football to the cultural immersion.

He’s embraced hosting friends and family, enjoying simple pleasures like coffee outings and dinners, relishing the opportunity to connect with people beyond his football persona.

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