Will De Gea shine at Inter Miami? [Editor’s Opinion]

Inter Miami president David Beckham is reportedly interested in bringing former Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea to the United States.

De Gea, who spent 12 years at Old Trafford, has been without a club since his contract with Manchester United expired in June.

While the 33-year-old Spanish goalkeeper has been linked to several European clubs, the prospect of joining Inter Miami in Major League Soccer (MLS) seems to be gaining traction.

If the move materializes, De Gea could reunite with former international teammates Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba, who are already part of Inter Miami.

The interest from Beckham, an iconic figure in football, adds a layer of intrigue to De Gea’s potential move to MLS, marking a significant shift in the goalkeeper’s career and possibly signaling a new chapter in the evolving landscape of football in the United States.

Will De Gea join Mess?

It is now up to De Gea to decide his fate after departing from United and not joining any other club in the summer.

De Gea will undoubtedly shine in the U.S. if he joins Inter Miami, and there are no doubts that he will secure many clean sheets week in and week out.

While at United, it is fair to say that the defence often let him down, especially when Maguire was struggling with his form, but he remained a fixture in the starting 11.

At Inter Miami, Beckham means business, and he could go shopping for his backline to help strengthen the entire squad.

With several high-profile players joining the club, it implies that De Gea could be compelled to start the buildup from the back rather than initiating with long balls.

One thing is certain: United might regret seeing De Gea shine, particularly now that Onana is struggling to fit into the Manchester United squad.

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