Why PSG was awarded controversial penalty against Newcastle United

In a heart-wrenching turn of events at the Parc Des Princes, Newcastle United experienced a late equalizer from Kylian Mbappe, who converted a penalty in the eighth minute of added time.

The penalty decision, however, sparked controversy and left Newcastle fans and pundits dismayed.

The contentious call involved the ball hitting Tino Livramento’s arm after bouncing up off his body.

Initially, referee Szymon Marciniak waved away PSG’s appeals, even booking Goncalo Ramos for protests.

However, after consulting the VAR monitor, Marciniak changed his decision, awarding the penalty to PSG, which Mbappe successfully converted.

The decision prompted discussions about the interpretation of handball rules in UEFA competitions compared to domestic leagues.

UEFA’s guidelines may deviate slightly from those in domestic competitions, allowing for some flexibility in applying certain rules.

In this case, the debate centred around whether the ball hitting Livramento’s arm after bouncing off his body warranted a penalty.

While Premier League officials often consider factors such as the arm’s natural position and whether the ball strikes another body part first, UEFA competitions may follow different criteria.

The incident added fuel to the ongoing discourse about the consistency and interpretation of handball decisions in football, showcasing the challenges posed by variations in officiating standards across different leagues and competitions.

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