Why Martinez was not sent off despite 2 yellow cards

In a dramatic turn of events during Aston Villa’s Europa Conference League clash against Lille, goalkeeper Emi Martinez found himself in a peculiar situation.

Despite being booked twice – once for time wasting during the match and again for antagonizing Lille fans during the penalty shootout – Martinez escaped being sent off.

This surprising twist stemmed from a lesser-known rule tucked away in the UEFA rulebooks.

According to IFAB Law 10, which determines the outcome of a match, warnings and cautions issued during regular play, including extra time, do not carry over into kicks from the penalty mark.

This provision essentially resets any yellow card accumulation for players heading into the shootout. Hence, Martinez, who had received yellow cards during the match, was not disqualified from participating in the penalty shootout.

Fans were initially bewildered by Martinez’s continued presence on the pitch, leading to speculation and bemusement on social media.

However, clarity emerged as the match broadcast clarified the situation, highlighting the unique rule governing yellow card carryovers into penalty shootouts.

Martinez’s reprieve turned into a decisive moment as he saved the crucial penalty, propelling Aston Villa to the semifinals of the competition. Throughout the match, Martinez faced abuse from Lille fans, reminiscent of his World Cup final exploits in 2022. The hostility reached a point where some fans attempted to storm the pitch, only to be thwarted by vigilant stewards.

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