Why Gnabry celebrated against Arsenal

Serge Gnabry’s swift response to his former club Arsenal’s lead with a brilliant equalizer for Bayern Munich showcased his sharp footballing skills and unwavering celebration style.

Despite a brief tenure at Arsenal, Gnabry’s connection with the Gunners remains strong, evident in his regular celebration, which he attributed to NBA star James Harden’s iconic cooking gesture after a game-winning shot.

The celebration symbolizes victory and resonates with Gnabry’s offensive prowess, aligning with his style of play and love for the game.

Following Gnabry’s goal, Bayern’s Leroy Sane initiated a thrilling sequence that led to a penalty, converting into a goal by Harry Kane, putting Bayern 2-1 ahead.

Gnabry’s time at Arsenal was short, with just 18 appearances for the first team, but his respect and admiration for the club are unwavering.

In various interviews, including one with Pro Direct and CBS Sports, Gnabry has expressed his fondness for Arsenal, even naming them as “the favourite” if he were to return to the Premier League.


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