Who’s that Premier League star? Vogue reveals all

A football player who is part of the struggling Chelsea team has recently been featured on the front cover of Vogue’s Netherlands edition.

The front cover of Vogue’s Netherlands edition featured a footballer wearing a bucket hat that partially obscured his face.

Fans took to social media to speculate about the identity of the player, but the mystery was quickly resolved when the 30-year-old winger, who turned out to be Hakim Ziyech, uploaded the photoshoot to his Instagram account.

Ziyech, a Chelsea player who was born in the Netherlands and represents Morocco, discussed his successful 2022 World Cup campaign and his four-year stint with Ajax, who were champions of the Eredivisie, in the Vogue interview.

According to Morocco Latest News, Ziyech mentioned in an interview with Vogue that his team was among the final four, but unfortunately, they fell short of reaching the finals.

While the disappointment was significant, he clarified that it wasn’t necessarily a feeling of sadness. Although their progress was celebrated by many, the team was still disappointed with the outcome.

Is Ziyech’s time up at Chelsea?

Despite his success at the international level, Ziyech’s professional career with his club has experienced a setback.

He made a move from Ajax to Chelsea in the summer of 2020 and achieved significant triumphs, including winning the Champions League, Club World Cup, and European Super Cup.

However, Ziyech has not performed up to his potential at Stamford Bridge, having only scored six goals in the Premier League to date.

The current season has been particularly challenging for the 52-time capped international, with him not scoring a single goal in any club competition.

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