Solskjaer’s insights on managing Manchester United

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has shared insights into his tenure as manager of Manchester United, revealing challenges he faced with player discontent and leaks to the media.

Despite fostering a positive relationship with most players, Solskjaer found it challenging to manage a large squad effectively, leading to some players feeling marginalized or unhappy.

He explained the demanding nature of managing a top club like Manchester United, where expectations are high and the pressure is constant.

Solskjaer highlighted the difficulty of handling a squad with too many players, noting the challenge of maintaining player morale when only a limited number of starting positions are available.

Since his departure from Manchester United in 2021, Solskjaer has taken time off to prioritize himself and his family.

Despite receiving offers from other clubs, he has chosen not to rush back into management, preferring to wait for the right opportunity.

Looking ahead, Solskjaer expressed a desire to join a club where he can be himself and implement his ideas without external pressure or interference.

He values the experience gained at Manchester United but seeks a new challenge where he can apply his learnings and managerial style in a supportive environment.

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