Qataris Ready to Make a Move on Manchester United.

The Qataris are set to make a move on one of the world’s most storied football clubs, with Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Al Thani leading the charge to buy Manchester United. The Qataris are ready to pay a fair price for the club but need to prepare to overpay. Sheikh Jassim’s indicative bid values the club at approximately £4.5bn, which is shy of the Glazer family’s £6bn asking price. The Qataris are no strangers to the world of football. 

The Qatar Investment Authority, the government’s investment arm, already owns Paris Saint-Germain and has invested over €1.8bn in the club since buying it for €70m in 2011. Whether the Qataris are successful in their bid for Manchester United or not, one thing is for sure, Sheikh Jassim is a bright and savvy investor. He is not prepared to be reckless with his money and will walk away if the price is incorrect. 

The Glazers, who have owned United since 2005, have invited at least three bidders to Manchester over the next fortnight for presentations and access to detailed financial information about the club. There are worries the Glazers are attempting to utilize minority bids to push up the sale price or that they do not want to sell the club. Several of the bidders had anticipated being given exclusivity by this point.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the billionaire behind the petrochemical giant Ineos, is also interested in buying the club. Ratcliffe has long been a fan of football and has invested heavily in the sport in the past. Whoever believes Manchester United will have to pay more than the £4.5bn the Qataris offer. 

The Glazers are asking for £6bn, and they will unlikely accept any less than that. Whoever does buy the club will be taking on considerable responsibility. Manchester United is one of the world’s biggest clubs, with an estimated 600 million followers worldwide. The club has a rich history, and the new owners will be expected to continue the legacy of the club’s past successes. It will be a challenge, but the Qataris or whoever else buys the club will be more than ready to take on it.

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