Qatar becomes the first team to be eliminated from 2022 World Cup

With only one game remaining in group A, Qatar has already been eliminated from World cup 2022. This comes after a 3-1 loss to Senegal on Friday, coupled with a 1-1 draw between the Netherlands and Ecuador. This means that, despite being the host country, Qatar will not be playing in the knockout stage of the World Cup. They will finish in last place regardless of their result in their final game against the Netherlands. This is a disappointing result for the host nation, who had high hopes of making it to the knockout stages of the tournament. Qatar had been expected to do well in the group stage, but their loss to Senegal was a big setback. They will now face the Netherlands in their final game, knowing that they have no chance of progressing to the next round.

Qatar has been praised for its preparations for the World Cup, with state-of-the-art stadiums and facilities being built in anticipation of the event. However, it appears that the team itself is not up to the task of competing at the highest level. Qatar will no doubt be disappointed with their performance at the World Cup, but they can take some consolation in the fact that they are hosting a tournament that will be remembered for years to come.

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