Paul Pogba faces potential four-year ban after positive test

Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba is at the center of a doping controversy as anti-doping prosecutors in Italy have requested a maximum four-year ban for the World Cup winner.

The positive test for testosterone has cast a shadow over Pogba’s career, and the impending trial before Italy’s anti-doping court could have significant ramifications for the 30-year-old footballer.

The doping case stems from a positive test announced in September, following an examination conducted after Juventus’ game against Udinese on August 20, 2023.

Despite not participating in the Serie A match, Pogba was on Juventus’ bench.

The subsequent counter-analysis confirmed the presence of the substance DHEA in both samples, a compound that aids in the production of hormones, including testosterone.

Italy’s anti-doping prosecutors are pushing for the standard four-year ban prescribed under the World Anti-Doping Code.

However, there are provisions for reducing the ban if Pogba can prove that the doping was unintentional, demonstrate contamination, or provide substantial assistance to investigators.

The severity of the potential ban raises questions about the future of Pogba’s illustrious football career, as a four-year suspension at the age of 30 could effectively mark the end of his playing days.

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