Obi Mikel reveals about Chelsea players crying after manager’s sacking

John Obi Mikel has provided insight into the emotional impact on Chelsea players when Jose Mourinho faced his initial dismissal from the club in 2007.

Mourinho, having secured consecutive English Premier League titles, shared a strong rapport with the squad.

However, a series of disappointing results led to his departure in 2007, leaving the players deeply affected.

The Portuguese manager, after a brief hiatus, embarked on a successful stint with Inter Milan, achieving an unprecedented treble in 2010.

Mikel, who played under Mourinho during both of his spells at Chelsea, including the triumphant years and his return in 2013, revealed the profound connection between Mourinho and the players.

The abrupt end to Mourinho’s first tenure at Chelsea marked a challenging period for the squad emotionally.

Mourinho’s subsequent success with Inter Milan and later Real Madrid underscored his managerial prowess, but it was the initial separation from Chelsea that left a lasting impact on both the manager and the players.

Mikel’s reflections offer a glimpse into the intricacies of the player-manager relationship, emphasizing the emotional ties that can define a club’s history.

The disclosure sheds light on the behind-the-scenes dynamics, showcasing the human side of football beyond the tactical and strategic aspects.

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