Mane’s father-in-law reveals interesting facts after star’s wedding

Sadio Mane, the revered Liverpool and Al Nassr footballer, recently entered into an Islamic marriage with 18-year-old Aisha Tamba in Dakar, Senegal, following a traditional arranged setup.

The union, held on January 7, unfolded in the intimate setting of Aisha’s home, surrounded by close family and friends.

Aisha’s father, Amadou Tamba, shared insights into the unique dynamics of their relationship, revealing that Mane and Aisha did not date before their marriage.

The connection between Mane and Aisha began more than two years ago when she was just 16, during a visit to Mane’s family.

The union, in accordance with tradition, involved discussions and mutual appreciation between the families, leading to the awaited ceremony.

Despite the age difference of 13 years, the arranged marriage aligns with cultural norms, emphasizing the significance of familial and communal support in the decision-making process.

Amadou Tamba clarified that during the initial meeting, Mane likely recognized something special in Aisha, and both families embraced the connection, culminating in a heartfelt celebration of love and tradition.

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