Luis Diaz’s father rescued after 12-day kidnapping ordeal

The recent release of Luis Diaz’s father, Luis Manuel Diaz, after nearly two weeks of captivity in Colombia, brings a profound sense of relief to the footballer and his family.

The distressing ordeal began when Luis Manuel and his wife, Cilenis Marulanda, were kidnapped by four armed men on motorcycles near their La Guajira home.

While Marulanda was swiftly rescued, the search for Luis Manuel persisted until recent footage revealed helicopters circling the border area, marking the end of his harrowing captivity.

Colombian media reported that, after 12 days, Luis Manuel Diaz has been freed and is now safe in the hands of a UN committee.

This development came hours after the initiation of the liberation process, as reported by BluRadio. The Colombian Football Federation expressed gratitude to the National Government, Military Forces, National Police, and all involved institutions for their collective efforts in securing Luis Manuel Diaz’s release.

During this challenging period, Luis Diaz, who had withdrawn from the Liverpool squad, made a triumphant return to the pitch.

Scoring a late equalizer against Luton, he seized the moment to raise his shirt, displaying the heartfelt message ‘Freedom for Papa.’

The football community acknowledges the strength and resilience exhibited by the Diaz family throughout this ordeal.

Luis Diaz’s emotional return to the game not only highlights his professional commitment but also serves as a poignant testament to the power of family and the global football community’s support in times of adversity.

The safe return of Luis Manuel Diaz is a cause for celebration, emphasizing the interconnectedness of football and the shared humanity that unites us all.

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