Lionel Messi’s World Cup victory is simply a “matter of time,”

Lionel Messi will take center stage if Argentina wins this World Cup, and that is only fitting. However, while the cameras are focusing on him, we should equally be tipping our caps to this Argentina team for their organized defensive performance.

However, Argentina has managed to give up five goals, including two against Saudi Arabia, which is swiftly emerging as one of the most bizarre outcomes in World Cup history. When analyzing the anticipated goals against data, I believe that the market overrides the actual record, making it a value bet to pick Argentina to win this game without conceding, especially against a defensively reticent attacking team like Croatia.

They simply lack the speed and offensive purpose to seriously worry an Argentina squad with such incredible defensive stats. Croatia has scored just two goals in their other four games, and even their late equalizer against Brazil, which was their first shot on goal in the game, was reeking of the fluke element. This is with the exception of going off against a horribly open Canada team.

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