Impala Saracens Head Coach Mary Ochieng is Optimistic about Winning the 2022/23 Kenya Cup Title.

Impala Saracens Head Coach Mary Ochieng has expressed optimism about her team’s ability to win the 2022–23 Kenya Cup title.

Impala Saracens recently defeated defending champions Mwamba 28–17 in a thrilling match at the Impala Club grounds.

Ochieng believes that if her team continues to work on its weak areas, it will be able to win the title. Ochieng believes that the team has made significant progress since she took over as head coach.

She believes that her players have been consistent in their training, which has helped them reach this level.

She admits that the team still has to work on their scrums, running lines, defense, and kickers to be at an advantage when they play their next opponent.

Ochieng has also highlighted the need for the team to sign new players to bolster the team’s depth and strengthen the squad.

She believes the new players need to level up with the rest as soon as possible to be at an advantage during the upcoming matches.

In the past, Impala Saracens have made it to the Kenya Cup finals but have never been able to win the title.

Ochieng believes that if her team can address their weak areas and continue to work hard, they can finally achieve their long-standing goal of winning the title.

Ochieng’s optimism is shared by her players and fans alike. They are hopeful that the team will be able to make a strong run for the title and that they will be able to bring glory to the Impala Saracens.

The team will now focus on their next match against Nakuru RFC. They must be at their best if they want to take home the title.

Ochieng understands the importance of this match and has been working hard to ensure that her team is ready for the challenge.

The Kenya Cup is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the country, and winning it would be a dream come true for Ochieng and her team.

It is up to the players to do the hard work and make Ochieng’s dream a reality.

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