Kell Brook and Liam Smith Eyeing Potential Super-Welterweight Clash

Kell Brook is eyeing a potential super-welterweight clash with Liam Smith, according to BOXXER promoter Ben Shalom. While Shalom expects a rematch between Smith and Chris Eubank Jr to happen, the promoter believes Brook versus Smith would be a “massive fight”. Brook, who beat Amir Khan in a highly anticipated bout over a year ago, has struggled with retirement.

However, the former welterweight champion has begun training again, and Shalom believes he is happy. The promoter said Brook sees the scrutiny that followed the release of footage showing him snorting white powder as a turning point, which prompted him to “sort his life out”.

Smith, for his part, has been busy in the ring, knocking out Eubank Jr in January in their highly anticipated grudge match. Since then, Eubank Jr has invoked the contract’s rematch provision, but no specific time or place has been set for the follow-up battle. Shalom, though, believes that a rematch will be placed.

“Wasserman made sure there was a rematch provision in the contract we had with them. The rematch provision was not something we necessarily wanted or included, but it was activated by them.   But, they added it, so we had to watch out to make sure Liam didn’t get into any more fights “explained Shalom.

“We are prepared for the rematch, me and Liam. Although it appears that it is required by contract, I honestly believe that it will still take place. Why is the rematch clause being used? Simply said, it looks absurd. Many rumors and statements are sometimes used to upset the apple cart.” Despite this, Shalom is exploring other potential fights for Smith, including a clash with Australian boxer Tim Tszyu. Shalom believes Smith’s victory over Eubank Jr has put him in a position to sell fights and become a box office draw.

“One of the few fighters who can actually sell is Liam. The night of his life in January was undoubtedly one of, if not the, career high points. I believe that after his debut at the box office, he has established himself in that group and category, so maybe we can go on without further delay “said Shalom.

As for a potential Brook versus Smith fight, Shalom believes it would be a great matchup. “It’s a massive fight,” he said. “Kell Brook is a big name in British boxing, and Liam Smith is a big name in British boxing. It’s a great domestic clash, and I think the weight would suit both fighters.”

A super-welterweight clash between Brook and Smith would be an exciting fight. Brook has a record of 39 wins and three losses, while Smith has 30 wins, three losses, and one draw. Brook’s experience could give him an edge in the fight, but Smith’s recent victory over Eubank Jr suggests he is in top form.

While Shalom expects the rematch between Smith and Eubank Jr to happen, a potential Brook versus Smith fight would be a great alternative. With both fighters looking for big matchups, fans will likely see them in the ring against each other or other top fighters soon.

Kell Brook’s potential fight with Liam Smith and Chris Eubank Jr’s anticipated rematch with Smith are exciting prospects for boxing fans. Brook, who has struggled with retirement, is eyeing a super-welterweight clash with Smith, while Shalom expects the rematch between Smith and Eubank Jr to happen. Regardless of what happens, it is clear that both Smith and Brook are looking for big fights and are in top form, setting the stage for some exciting matchups in the future.

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