Is the English Premier League corrupt?

The Everton faithful demonstrated their discontent and frustration both before and during the team’s Premier League clash against Manchester United, marking their first match since incurring a 10-point penalty.

The penalty, a result of alleged breaches of sustainability rules, has left Everton in a challenging position, now beginning the game against Manchester United in the bottom three.

Protests were evident before kick-off and during the match, with supporters making their voices heard through various means of demonstration.

A banner flown above the Etihad Stadium during the Manchester City vs. Liverpool game conveyed the message “Premier League = corrupt. #UTFT #EFC,” reflecting the sentiment among Everton fans.

The 10-point deduction is a record for the Premier League, surpassing the nine points forfeited by Portsmouth in 2010 when they entered administration.

Outside Goodison Park, members of the supporters’ group The 1878 distributed placards with the message “Premier League corrupt,” and these placards were prominently displayed both inside and outside the stadium.

Banners, including one proclaiming “Where there is power, greed and money… there is corruption,” further conveyed the fans’ collective displeasure.

Inside the stadium, Everton supporters generated significant noise and vocalized their discontent during the match.

The protests underscore the deep frustration and sense of injustice felt by the fanbase, who view the points deduction as a severe setback for their club.

The atmosphere at Goodison Park became a powerful expression of fan dissatisfaction, highlighting the broader issues of governance and accountability within football.

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