“I was so moved by your story…”: Dwayne Johnson gifts Themba Gorimbo an apartment

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, an actor and former wrestler, has given Themba Gorimbo an apartment after the UFC fighter revealed earlier this year that he was living in a gym with only $7 to his name.

The Rock revealed the present in a YouTube video. He duped Gorimbo, whom he had surprised with a meeting the week before, into thinking they were meeting at a friend’s flat, only to whisk him away to his new quarters. When the UFC fighter realized what was going on, he grew emotional.

Dwayne Johnson said:

I was so moved by your story When I found out you were sleeping on the couch in the gym, now there’s no more couch sleeping. This is your house. Welcome home! Now you can bring your kids here, man, your family. This place is yours. You don’t have to think about anything. The only thing you think about is your family, getting them over here, getting them with you, training, and becoming a champion.

Themba Gorimbo replied:

“Thank you so much, man, I will become a champion, trust me. Trust me, you can shake my hand, I will become your champion. Thank you. Thank you so much.”

Gorimbo has been through a number of disasters. His mother died when he was nine years old, and his father died when he was thirteen.

He was discovered illegally digging for gems in Zimbabwe and was bitten by dogs, according to UFC.com.He confessed his bank account was practically empty after winning a fight in Las Vegas this year. He was able to survive thanks to the earnings of his win. That victory, along with his viral story, has catapulted him to notoriety as he attempts to climb the Welterweight ranks.

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