How Liverpool and Chelsea’s prize money stacks up

Liverpool’s Carabao Cup victory will see them earn a relatively modest £100,000 in prize money, with runners-up Chelsea taking home £50,000.

These figures starkly contrast with the massive sums available in other competitions, such as the Premier League and Champions League, where winners can earn over £100 million.

Even the FA Cup, which offers about £4 million to the winners, provides significantly higher rewards.

Despite the lower prize money, the Carabao Cup remains a valuable competition for clubs across the English Football League (EFL).

Its total annual value is estimated at £80 million, with clubs from the lower tiers benefiting from their share of the earnings from all matches.

Gate receipts are also split evenly, further supporting clubs from the second to fourth tiers. Additionally, clubs receive a facility fee for being broadcast on TV, starting from the early rounds.

This financial structure ensures that the Carabao Cup continues to provide vital income to clubs outside the elite, making it a crucial asset to the EFL and its member clubs.

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