FA to prevent Walker’s ex from attending Euros

The Football Association (FA) is contemplating a bold move ahead of Euro 2024, amid reports suggesting that Kyle Walker’s ex-partner, Lauryn Goodman, may be barred from attending England games.

Walker, an integral part of Gareth Southgate’s squad, is expected to feature prominently in the upcoming tournament. However, concerns have emerged about potential distractions surrounding his personal life.

With two children shared with Lauryn Goodman and four with his wife Annie Kilner, Walker’s family dynamics have drawn attention.

While families of the England squad are typically welcomed at major tournaments, the FA appears resolute in its stance to prevent Goodman from attending matches.

Reports indicate that the FA is determined to uphold a focused environment for the team and is prepared to take decisive action to ensure Goodman’s absence.

Despite her reported intention to witness Walker’s matches in Germany, the FA is reportedly ready to employ “every possible length” to block her access to tickets.

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