EPL set to have 1st female referee

In a groundbreaking moment for English football, Rebecca Welch is set to make history as the first female referee to officiate a Premier League game.

The 40-year-old official will take charge of the clash between Fulham and Burnley on December 23, marking a significant milestone in her already illustrious career.

Rebecca Welch has been a trailblazer in 2021, having previously officiated an EFL game and served as a fourth official in the Premier League.

Her remarkable journey includes refereeing a men’s FA Cup fixture in January 2022 and overseeing two women’s FA Cup finals at Wembley, the latest being in 2020.

Notably, she earned a spot on FIFA’s Elite List of Match Officials in the same year and played a pivotal role in officiating matches at the Women’s European Championship in 2022 and the Women’s World Cup in Australia earlier this year.

Reflecting on her unexpected entry into refereeing, Welch shared her journey, recounting how a challenge from a friend led her to try her hand at officiating. Her rise over the past decade serves as an inspiration for aspiring female officials.

Head of referees, Howard Webb, expressed hope that Welch’s success and that of other female officials will encourage young girls and women to consider a career in refereeing.

Additionally, he highlighted the achievement of Sam Allison, the first black referee in the Premier League since 2008, reinforcing the commitment to diversity and excellence in officiating.

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