Emery reveals reason for not shaking hands with Arsenal coaching staff

In a post-match revelation, Unai Emery, the former Arsenal manager and current head coach of Aston Villa, disclosed that he refrained from shaking hands with any members of the Arsenal coaching team after Villa’s significant 1-0 victory.

Emery explained that his decision was influenced by the absence of Arsenal’s manager, Mikel Arteta, who was serving a touchline ban during the match.

Arteta, banned by the FA, watched the game from the executive boxes above Villa Park as his team faced a tough defeat, succumbing to an early first-half goal from Villa midfielder John McGinn.

Emery, who spent 18 months in the Arsenal managerial role before being sacked in November 2019, emphasized that the lack of a handshake was not a personal matter and cited respect for Arsenal and Arteta.

During the post-match press conference, Emery clarified his actions, stating, “No, because Arteta wasn’t on the bench.

I gave my hand to the workers inside because they were there when I was there, but only with the people I coached with and who worked with me.”

He further emphasized his respect for Arsenal, Arteta, and the staff, adding, “There was nothing personal. It was because it wasn’t Arteta.

I respect a lot Arsenal and Arteta. I respect a lot the workers there. I have nothing negative against them.”

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