Details of Mourinho’s compensation after every sack in Europe

Jose Mourinho’s managerial journey has been characterized by success, controversy, and significant compensation.

His first stint with Chelsea, marked by two Premier League titles, ended in 2007 with an £18 million compensation pay-out from Roman Abramovich, a move against fans’ wishes.

A triumphant period with Inter Milan, including a Champions League victory, preceded his allure to Real Madrid.

Despite a dazzling second season, Mourinho’s tenure was cut short in the third season, earning him a £17 million payout.

Returning to Chelsea in 2013, Mourinho secured the Premier League title and League Cup in the 2014/15 season but faced Abramovich’s dismissal once again, garnering a £12.5 million compensation.

A swift move to Manchester United followed, bringing initial success with trophies like the League Cup and Europa League.

However, a downturn in the third season led to Mourinho’s sacking, accompanied by a £17 million compensation.

His latest venture with Tottenham Hotspur, replacing Mauricio Pochettino, witnessed an initial bright start but ended abruptly after 17 months, earning Mourinho an £18 million payout from Daniel Levy.

Mourinho’s managerial odyssey reflects the complex dynamics of success and scrutiny in the footballing world, with each chapter leaving an indelible mark on his storied career.

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