CM Punk’s WrestleMania dream derailed

CM Punk’s anticipated return to WWE was met with disappointment as a torn triceps forced him out of the Royal Rumble match and changed the WrestleMania 40 landscape.

Punk revealed that he was slated to headline WrestleMania, but the injury altered those plans.

Despite the setback, Punk remains optimistic, viewing it as a temporary hurdle in his wrestling journey. He emphasized the importance of focusing on his recovery and not rushing back to competition.

Punk’s humor shone through as he likened himself to an old car needing maintenance, indicating that he’s confident in his ability to return stronger.

With Punk sidelined, WWE has turned to The Rock to add star power to WrestleMania 40.

The Rock is expected to support Roman Reigns in his title defense against Cody Rhodes, setting the stage for a high-profile showdown.

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