Benjamin Mendy’s financial support for secret love child uncovered

The mother of Benjamin Mendy’s three-year-old daughter has urged the Manchester City defender to establish a significant relationship with their child.

Mendy is currently awaiting retrial on June 26, following the failure of the jury to reach a verdict on charges of attempted rape and rape.

In September 2021, he was charged, and since then, he has been suspended without pay by Manchester City, despite denying all charges.

In January, the trial came to a halt when the jury was discharged after 14 days of deliberations at Chester Crown Court, and Mendy now awaits the retrial.

Recent reports reveal that 28-year-old Mendy has a three-year-old daughter with Yolanda Aguera, a former bank employee whom he had met while in Barcelona.

What Yolanda said about Mendy

Yolanda stated to the Sun that she desires for Ben to be present in their daughter’s life as she matures.

“He hasn’t got any kind of meaningful relationship with her just now and has only seen her once when we flew to Manchester and visited him at his home in Cheshire.

“She loves playing football and is left-footed like her dad and if I have the money I’d like her to start extra-curricular activities in sport and music which she also seems to have a passion for when she begins proper school next year,” Yolanda said.

Yolanda explained that they first encountered each other at the fashionable W Hotel in Barcelona during July of 2019.

Although she was unaware of his identity and needed her friend to inform her that he was a football player, they quickly developed a strong connection.

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