Behind the “kiss of death” :Weghorst the Unsung Hero

Wout Weghorst, a striker for Manchester United, has said that after Solly March missed from the spot in the FA Cup semifinal shootout after receiving the “kiss of death,” he felt bad for the Brighton winger.

After 120 minutes of play ended in a 0-0 tie, March was the only player to miss his penalty during the shootout at Wembley on Sunday. He launched his shot over the crossbar, giving Victor Lindelof the opportunity to advance United to the final, where they would face Manchester City in June. This is exactly what Lindelof did, leaving March sobbing on the field.

Despite his lack of quality and goals, the Dutchman will be fondly remembered by United supporters because of his enthusiasm and commitment.

At the conclusion of the shootout that saw Manchester United defeat Brighton in the FA Cup semifinal on Sunday at Wembley Stadium, Victor Lindelof was naturally surrounded by his teammates.

However, Wout Weghorst moved in the opposite direction as the majority of players rushed the Swede who was standing in front of the goal where the penalties were awarded and where Brighton supporters were seated.

He gave the crowd a few fist pumps before moving quickly back to the rest of the team to partake in the festivities.

Moments like that, however, stick in the minds of supporters, and Weghorst’s gesture demonstrated why, despite his technical deficiencies, he would be remembered warmly for his time spent with the team.

The striker and the fans will always remember this moment under the arch, regardless of what happens in the championship game against Manchester City.

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